At the forefront of technology, creating solutions that enhance our world.

We're committed to excellence in everything we do—from the first spark of inspiration to the final execution. Our company, culture, and capabilities are built around that commitment, enabling us to deliver reliable solutions optimized for the most advanced workloads. Together with our customers, we’re building the digital infrastructure that helps people see and experience the world differently.

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We're purpose-built to deliver the best.

ZT Systems is a leading provider of complex compute, storage, and accelerator solutions for the world's leading cloud and telecom service providers. With comprehensive engineering expertise, global high-volume manufacturing capabilities, and strong partnerships with leading technology suppliers, we can address the most demanding requirements quickly and efficiently. No matter the challenge, we're committed to achieving error-free deployment, on time and around the world.

provider of complex compute, storage, and accelerator solutions

Our mission

Design, build, and deliver the innovative technology infrastructure that enables the digital world through an ongoing commitment to excellence and partnership.

Our vision

Create the foundation for cloud-based technology that helps people all over the world connect, learn, play, explore, and innovate.

The foundation of our business and the principles we live by.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, from the way we do business with our customers to the way we show up for each other as teammates. They’re more than words. They’re the foundation on which our company was built—and our guiding principles as we continue to evolve.

People First Ownership Mentality Quality Partnership
People First

Our people are our biggest advantage.

From day one, our team members have helped build us into the industry leader we are today through innovation, hard work, and relationships. We continue to hold the bar for success high, while fostering a respectful and rewarding work environment.

Do the right thing.

We act with integrity and we always follow through on our commitments. We treat each other, our partners, and our communities with care and respect.

Everybody pitches in.

No matter their title. Our leaders are team players, as well as thoughtful coaches. And our teammates have plenty of opportunities to lead.

Come with a positive attitude.

We refuse to waste time and energy on negativity or bureaucracy. Instead, we stay focused on getting the job done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

ZT systems company values
Ownership Mentality

We truly care about what we do.

So we all treat ZT as if it were our own company. That sense of ownership helps us appreciate past successes, while taking personal accountability for the future. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge them, learn from them, and move on—together.

Stay humble and hungry.

We’re focused on what’s critical to the success of the business, putting company needs above our own. We pay attention to details, avoid distractions, and go above and beyond for our customers.

One team, one boat.

We sink or swim together. Everyone at ZT must be an agent of change, learning and innovating as we move forward and adapt to the dynamic environment.

We think on our feet.

Quick decision-making keeps us nimble and gives us a competitive advantage. We’re not afraid to make mistakes. Instead we learn from them and quickly correct our course.

IT company values

We raise the bar every day.

Consistent high quality sets ZT apart and is at the core of everything we do. It starts with hiring great people and holding them accountable to excellence—and is sustained by holding ourselves to the highest standards to deliver maximum value for our customers.

Set ambitious goals for each project.

Then do whatever it takes to achieve them. Our unmatched focus and attention to detail allow us to deliver results that meet our high standards and impress our customers.

Find efficiency everywhere.

We constantly look for opportunities to identify redundancies, remedy inefficiencies, and streamline our processes to ensure we’re always operating at our most effective.

Never stop improving.

Our pursuit of excellence is never-ending. We constantly seek new ways to ensure quality through innovation, process improvement, experimentation, and learning.

Hiring quality people

We all win together.

Success comes from partnership with customers and suppliers, and teamwork with colleagues. By communicating clearly and honestly in an environment of mutual trust and commitment, our diverse team combines their unique skills and knowledge to deliver the best solutions.

Be customer obsessed.

By focusing on our customers’ challenges rather than our own agenda, we achieve success together and develop deep partnerships. Customers value our ability to address their complex problems—and we take pride in going above and beyond to deliver innovative solutions.

Strength in diversity.

We each bring unique backgrounds, experiences, talents, and skills to ZT. We enable each other by leveraging these strengths and prioritizing team goals over personal recognition. We are competitive, but not at the expense of our teammates, because individual success comes through enabling the success of others.

Listen, learn, grow.

We value hearing from those who have different perspectives than our own. Making an effort to truly understand—and at times, respectfully disagree—enables us to make sound decisions that lead to better outcomes.

diversity, teamwork, partnership

ZT Systems is a dynamic, fast-growing company.

From hyperscale computing and storage solutions to 5G/Telecom and GPU/Accelerators, we’re proud of our history and excited for the future.



ZT Systems founded. Our initial products were desktop PCs and SMB servers.



Our core focus shifted from national retail desktop PCs to data center servers.



ZT provided a mature datacenter server offering including full-rack solution design and integration.



ZT became recognized as a key partner to many of the world’s largest cloud service providers.



Today, we ship hundreds of thousands of servers annually, with sustained year-over-year growth.

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