Creating the server infrastructure that powers our digital world.


We design, build, and deliver the cloud-enabling solutions service providers rely on. In collaboration with customers, we develop high-quality, purpose-built server solutions that support a complex global infrastructure. ZT Systems is at the leading edge of the digital world—leveraging knowledge, partnership, and the latest technologies to custom-build solutions for our customers.



Server solutions for a wide range of applications.

ZT Systems combines standard components with custom design to ensure efficient server solutions optimized for your workloads. With deep experience designing equipment for global hyperscale environments, our expertise enables us to deliver solutions optimized for performance and efficiency running the most advanced compute workloads.



Storage platforms that support the world’s largest workloads.

We develop storage solutions that are designed to balance performance, energy efficiency, and density in customer applications including high availability, nearline, and cold storage. Innovative ZT solutions leverage technologies and approaches including composable storage, computational storage, and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) in JBOD/JBOF/EBOF architectures.



High-performance accelerator solutions.

We help build the foundation for AI in cloud, edge, and local IT environments with platforms powered by the latest GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs. Featuring advanced technology from partners including NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD, ZT solutions enable powerful next-generation HPC, AI, and machine learning tools that help solve the world’s most challenging problems.

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Integrated racks

Validated rack-level solutions for rapid deployment.

Ideal for web scale customers with global operations, ZT integrated solutions leverage our rack-level capabilities for workload analysis, thermal testing, burn-in, quality assurance, and deployment. Rack-level optimizations can include custom power and network cable handling, and racks are shipped in specialized, shock-resistant crates to data centers worldwide.


High-performance compute (HPC)

Server and rack-level solutions that help users explore, create, and extend into the future.

Our HPC solutions employ the latest technologies including cutting-edge accelerators and high-speed interconnects between components and rack-level elements. From AI and machine learning to big data analysis and scientific research, ZT solutions are optimized for unique cloud and local HPC workloads.



Purpose-built solutions for telecom providers.

ZT Systems creates powerful telecommunications solutions that are ideal for mobile core and vRAN applications including DU/CU, Narrow and Mid-band, and enterprise private networks. Designed to Open RAN standards and featuring NEBS 3 compliance, rugged design, and configurable options, these flexible platforms address a wide range of communications workloads.

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Edge computing

Expertise that extends beyond the hyperscale data center to the network edge.

Edge computing solutions help cloud providers and enterprises site compute, storage, and accelerator resources where they’re needed, with robust connectivity to public, private, or hybrid clouds. Our multi-access edge computing (MEC), private networking, and in-building solutions enable local processing and lightning-fast exchanges of data to enhance the performance and reliability of next-generation applications.


Open compute project

We’re an OCP Gold Member and Solutions Provider.

Our team contributes focused expertise in hyperscale server design and open-source server management technologies to OCP. As a pioneer in the “vanity-free” design approach made familiar by OCP, we develop solutions that dispense with nonessential functionalities and cosmetic features to efficiently meet the technical and business requirements of our data center customers.

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