Solving for the challenges of today—and scaling for the needs of tomorrow.


Tailored solutions created through application-specific platform design, decreasing TCO while maximizing performance and efficiency.


Agile manufacturing processes that allow for quick response to change in demand, while maintaining high quality and on-time deployment.

Testing and validation

Industry-leading testing and validation at the server, rack, and multi-rack cluster levels ensure every solution we create works exactly as expected.


Integration capabilities that go beyond simple rack integration to account for every consideration, including safer shipping and faster deployment.

Supply chain management

Built into our design and manufacturing process to ensure continuity of server and storage supply for even the largest cloud and digital infrastructure providers.

Services and support

Service offerings that range from deployment support and data center assessment to managed services and dedicated onsite technicians.

Why ZT Systems?

We leverage hyperscale experience and cutting-edge technology to develop creative solutions that are purpose-built for your most complex requirements. With our extensive industry expertise and robust design, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities you can count on us to deploy those solutions on time, around the world, and error-free.

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A different approach with better results.

Our highly skilled team is built for excellence and efficiency—delivering value from start to finish through industry specialization, flexible partnership, and swift development.

Fastest time-to-value

Short design cycles allow us to move quickly from scope to production, while consolidated design and manufacturing enable rapid iteration. Solutions are deployed faster and start driving business sooner.

Scaling out with agility

We offer high-volume manufacturing on a massive scale, combined with a unique agility that comes from a business structure and culture designed for rapid decision-making and action.

Reliable continuity of supply

Our robust supply chain capabilities, flexible operations, and strong vendor relationships help ensure you get the high quality equipment you need, even with faster-than-forecasted growth.

Where capability meets collaboration.

We work closely with our customers in deep, collaborative partnership to create purpose-built solutions that are tailored to your specifications. As your end-to-end partner, we deliver the highest standards of quality, reliability, and innovation throughout each stage of the project.


At scale, application-specific platform design can significantly decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) while also optimizing performance and efficiency. We achieve this through a combination of hyperscale-focused design expertise, rapid development capabilities, and a collaborative approach that ensures each solution is truly tailored to your needs.

Smarter solution architecture

  • We work in deep, collaborative partnership to understand your unique priorities, application performance requirements, software stack, and physical data center characteristics.
  • We factor in things like target metrics (such as cost per TB), power envelope, density, ease of serviceability, and supply chain diversification.
  • We consider the broadest range of potential options and walk you through the tradeoffs so that each design element reflects your unique success criteria.

Design capabilities

  • Compute and storage system architecture
  • Platform development, testing, and validation
  • Low power and ambient temperature solutions
  • Rack, chassis, and circuit board design and prototyping
  • Rack-level solution design and testing
  • CFD thermal modeling and simulation
  • Rack and data center level thermal test chamber
  • Open source server management experts
Server engineering and design


Even the best solution designs are only useful when they can be built, delivered, and deployed on time and as expected. Our manufacturing processes are purposely created to be flexible, so we can respond quickly to changes in demand without sacrificing your time-to-value. And our advanced quality control procedures ensure consistently high quality to give you optimal uptime, every time.

Global manufacturing for global deployment.

Our facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia support robust and flexible delivery to data centers worldwide, while primary manufacturing at our New Jersey headquarters enables optimal coordination between manufacturing and design.

Manufacturing capabilities

  • End-to-end assembly, from low level components through complete rack integration
  • Controlled manufacturing process
  • Locked BOM and change controls
  • Rigorous burn-in procedures
  • Full manufacturing in USA, Europe, and Asia
Manufacturing capabilities ZT systems

Testing and validation

Our team is obsessed with providing the highest quality possible, so we’ve made industry-leading testing and validation central to our process. Every solution we create is thoroughly validated to ensure it works precisely as designed and undergoes rigorous testing to verify that every aspect of functionality is as expected. Originally built to serve demanding hyperscale providers, our unmatched testing and validation capabilities help ensure superior reliability across the broadest deployments.

Testing and validation capabilities

  • Complete testing and validation at server, rack, and multi-rack cluster levels
  • Component qualification and compatibility matrices
  • Thermal and airflow assessment
  • Application and hardware performance testing
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
  • Crating and packaging test and certification
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Tilt, drop, and side impact testing
Careers in testing and validation of servers


For hyperscale data centers, full rack deployment offers a range of efficiency advantages, and is now the standard method of delivery. Our capabilities go beyond simple rack integration to account for everything from workload analysis, to environmental needs, to smarter shipping methods.

Safer shipping and faster deployment

We know you don’t have time to waste on delayed shipping or damaged products. So we use specialized, shock-resistant crates to enable safe, efficient shipping across the world. Our racks arrive cabled, tested, and ready for instant provisioning upon deployment. And our global capabilities enable comprehensive support for customers worldwide.

Integration capabilities

  • Workload analysis, thermal testing, burn-in, quality assurance, and deployment support at the rack level
  • Full range of third party switching and power management components
  • Innovative rack design modifications tailored to your physical environment
  • Shock-resistant crates
  • Ready-to-use racks
ZT systems server integration careers

Supply chain management

Continuity of compute and storage supply is vitally important to cloud service providers and their customers. That’s why supply chain management is an integral part of our design and manufacturing processes.

Early and effective design integration

We incorporate supply chain considerations early in our design process to allow for modularity and flexibility at both the component and solution level. Industry-standard parts are combined with custom designed elements as needed to optimize performance, availability, and cost.

Custom and creative supply chain solutions

We partner with you to model demand and create custom programs to mitigate supply risks, especially for components with long lead times or single sources. Nimble, design-integrated manufacturing allows us to quickly respond to demand fluctuations, and strong supplier relationships help ensure advantaged delivery during industry-level component shortages.

Streamlined and dependable deployment

From pre-cabled racks and reusable packaging to our proprietary shock-cushioned crates, we consistently find innovative ways to ensure the most efficient deployment. With ZT solutions, your servers arrive on-time and in perfect condition, and are made operational and brought online more rapidly.

Server supply chain management

Services and support

Our service offerings range from deployment support and data center assessment to managed services and dedicated onsite technicians. We work in deep collaboration with our customers to gain a detailed understanding of their internal capabilities and requirements so we can design service and support programs that are optimized for their unique data center and edge environments. Our global capabilities enable end-to-end support for customers with scale-out server fleets deployed in data centers around the world.

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ZT Systems service and support cloud engineering

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