TXC 300 Server Solutions

for 5G telecommunications

Purpose-built for telecommunications providers delivering the latest 5G and edge computing services.

Reliable quality, workload validation, and configurable options make these flexible, powerful platforms ideal for a wide range of applications. ZT Systems server solutions can include worldwide delivery, deployment, and services as required.

ZT Systems TXC300 Server Solutions are Intel Select Solutions.

Verified by Intel to provide seamless vRAN functionality in a range of operating environments, these predefined, workload-optimized platforms help streamline infrastructure evaluation and adoption with a combination of Intel technologies.

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TXC300-2UN Dual-Node Open RAN Server

A flexible short-depth, front-access 2U 2-node Open RAN server platform designed for 5G DRAN Narrow/Mid-Band and CRAN applications.

AC and DC power supply options facilitate deployment across a range of environments. The TXC300-2UN can be configured with a single sled for DRAN, or with both sleds populated for increased density cloud DU and CRAN. Mixed CU/DU configurations for applications such as indoor/private network deployment are also available.

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TXC300-2UN Dual-Node Open RAN Server