Press Release November 18, 2010

ARM-based Solution for Breakthrough Hyperscale Efficiency and Density

ZT Systems Announces ARM-based Server Solution for Breakthrough Energy Efficiency and Density in Hyperscale Data Centers

Secaucus, NJ – November 18, 2010 – ZT Systems today announced the R1801e 1U Server powered by up to 16 ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor cores. Fully populated with eight server modules, eight SSDs, dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet switches and IPMI server management, this server has a system maximum power draw of less than 80 Watts. Designed primarily as a software and build development system, this groundbreaking, scalable solution highlights the tremendous potential power savings achievable with an ARM-powered® server.

The R1801e features STMicroelectronics’ SPEAr 1310 microprocessor with dual ARM Cortex™-A9 processor cores, plus 1Gbps Ethernet, DDR3 ECC memory and SATA. ZT partnered with PHYTEC America to integrate the SPEAr 1310 onto a server “System-on-Module” (SOM). Each SOM integrates the processor, 1 GB of DDR3 ECC DRAM, 1 GB of NAND Flash, Ethernet PHY, and UART, yielding a scalable architecture with up to eight discrete servers in each enclosure. Two embedded switches connect the server modules together and provide uplinks over standard Ethernet, with system management for each SOM provided via industry standard IPMI.

“This platform represents an attractive new option for certain applications in large data centers where power efficiency is a key priority,” said Casey Cerretani, ZT Systems Director of Engineering. “In concert with our partners, ZT will continue to develop innovative products using ARM technology building blocks to provide our customers with precision-fit data center servers that are best in class in terms of power, performance and overall cost.”

ZT Systems has worked with ARM to bring the benefits of ARM Cortex-A9 processors to the server market. There has been much discussion in the technical press, online forums and industry events as to the benefits of using ARM technology for efficient processing of hyperscale-class server workloads. This first product demonstrates that low power ARM processors are ready for evaluation and software development work.

“With ST’s SPEAr 1310 ARM Cortex-based SoC providing best-in-class MIPS/Watt, improved system reliability and lower cost-of-ownership, this ZT Systems server is primed to lead a revolution in data-center servers over existing solutions,” said Francesco Brianti, VP and SPEAr Business Unit Manager, STMicroelectronics. “The combination of ST’s low-power process technology, computational power and DDR3 memory support delivers outstanding performance and miserly power consumption and makes SPEAr an emerging force as the CPU of choice for server and other applications.”

The ZT Systems R1801e uses an industry standard 1U chassis, ATX power supply and SATA drive bank, so it fits easily into existing development lab and datacenter environments. Customers interested in harnessing the potential of ARM-based servers will find that this product has the right balance of features and scalability to enable software development, porting, optimization and ARM-based server concept evaluation.

About ZT Systems: Because no two data centers are exactly alike, ZT Systems engineers custom server and delivery solutions to meet each client’s unique technical and business requirements. Our precision-fit approach optimizes platforms, integration and support for reliable, scalable solutions that deliver maximum value with the efficiency and performance data center customers need – plus the expertise and personal attention they deserve. Backed by USA-based manufacturing and over 16 years’ experience, ZT serves data center operators from the largest internet infrastructure companies to top research universities and government entities.