Press Release June 23, 2010

Cloud Computing-Optimized Server Solution Powered by AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series Processor

ZT Systems Breaks Performance-Per-Watt Record with Cost-Effective, Cloud Computing-Optimized Server Solution Powered by AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series Processor

Secaucus, NJ — June 23, 2010 — ZT Systems, a leading provider of customized server solutions for large-scale data centers, today announced the ZT Systems 1253Ra 1U Datacenter Server, featuring the best performance per watt measured to date for an AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series processor-powered server (SPECpower_ssj 2008 2,106 overall ssj_ops/watt) – a 52% increase in performance per watt over ZT Systems servers powered by the previous generation of comparable AMD Opteron™ processors.* This cost-effective new platform is an outstanding solution for high-density cloud computing data center operators focused on optimizing performance/watt/dollar per square foot.

The ZT Systems 1253Ra 1U Datacenter Server is designed around the new AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series processor (formerly code-named “Lisbon”), which boasts the lowest known power per core of any server processor**, at 5.83W (35W/6 = 5.83W/core.) Combined with highly energy efficient components including solid-state drives, this platform is ideal for the scale out data center environment where density and efficiency are at a premium. ZT’s custom platform engineering, integration and delivery capabilities leverage this new technology as part of precision-fit solutions to the unique technical and business requirements of individual data centers.

“ZT is excited to enable customers with solutions based on this new AMD technology,” said Raymond Miles, ZT Systems Vice President of Engineering. “In addition to its unprecedented energy efficiency, the AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series Processor has attractive characteristics for virtualization, power management, and scalability. This record-breaking new platform represents a significant addition to our customizable solutions for cloud computing customers that address their unique requirements for server performance, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.”

“This ZT Systems server showcases the breakthrough in performance-per-watt of the AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series processors,” said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server and Embedded Divisions, AMD (NYSE: AMD). “ZT Systems’ ability to rapidly develop and deliver AMD based customized servers provides a unique advantage to customers seeking the optimal balance of energy efficiency and performance.”