News March 19, 2018

Exhibiting Project Olympus Solutions at Open Compute Summit 2018

At the 2018 Open Compute Summit in San Jose, ZT Systems exhibited solutions based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus and presented on building solutions with Project Olympus building blocks. See our presentation here.

Attendees learned about our new XPO200 Server and Storage solutions. Purpose-built for evolving businesses, these systems combine the groundbreaking energy efficiency, performance, versatility and cost effectiveness of Microsoft’s Project Olympus platform with ZT’s hyperscale-focused design, manufacturing and deployment capabilities. XPO200 customers benefit from ZT’s extensive experience deploying platforms featuring these technologies into real-world hyperscale environments – Learn more.

An OCP Solution Provider, ZT Systems is a leading provider of compute and storage solutions optimized for hyperscale data centers. Combining open design elements with unique customization capabilities, ZT delivers solutions that are tailored to the technical and business requirements of individual large data center customers. ZT takes time to understand each customer’s needs before co-developing a “vanity-free” solution that’s customized with just the right balance of industry-standard building blocks and innovative engineering approaches.