News October 1, 2018

New 3U PCIe Expansion System Powered by AMD & Based on Project Olympus

ZT Systems Showcases XPO200 3U PCIe Expansion System Based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus and Featuring AMD Technology at OCP EU Summit 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands — October 1, 2018 — ZT Systems, a leading provider of purpose-built compute and storage solutions for hyperscale datacenters, today showcased the new XPO200 3U PCIe Expansion System featuring AMD technology at the Open Compute EU Summit. Based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus, this solution leverages powerful AMD accelerators and processors in a flexible Open Compute platform.

The XPO200 3U PCIe Expansion System with AMD technology is designed to deliver outstanding flexibility, performance and value for GPU-intensive scale-out computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. With AMD Radeon Instinct™ MI25 GPUs and AMD EPYC™ CPUs, this solution is an attractive option for an array of modern datacenter applications.

“ZT Systems is pleased to partner with AMD in showcasing this platform,” said Raymond Miles, ZT Systems VP of Architecture. “The XPO200 3U PCIe Expansion System with AMD technology delivers a compelling alternative to help customers tackle today’s increasingly prevalent AI and deep learning workloads. Leveraging the “known good” of Microsoft’s Project Olympus specification enabled ZT to significantly accelerate the development of this platform, and provides for streamlined customization as necessary to meet customer requirements.”

“AMD has a long-standing commitment to the Open Compute Project and is excited to see Microsoft’s Project Olympus platform, to which AMD was a significant early contributor, gain the support of ZT Systems’ XPO200 3U PCIe Expansion System,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president, datacenter products, AMD. “The combination of AMD Radeon Instinct™ GPU and the AMD EPYC™ CPU products in this ZT Systems solution delivers outstanding virtualization density and an exceptional combination for executing AI and deep learning workloads”

“This new ZT Systems expansion system brings a powerful combination of AMD GPU and CPU technology to bear on demanding cloud workloads,” said Kushagra Vaid, General Manager and Distinguished Engineer, Azure Hardware Infrastructure, Microsoft Corp. “The speed and efficiency with which ZT developed this solution demonstrates why Microsoft’s Project Olympus specification is the leading open source hardware standard for next-generation datacenters. ZT Systems continues to demonstrate their ability to rapidly develop and deliver flexible solutions to the market.”

ZT Systems XPO200 Server Solutions combine the groundbreaking energy efficiency, performance, versatility and cost effectiveness of Microsoft’s Project Olympus platform with ZT’s hyperscale-focused integration, supply chain and deployment capabilities. Customers benefit from ZT’s unique experience deploying platforms featuring these technologies into real-world hyperscale environments.

The XPO200 3U PCIe Expansion System with AMD technology and based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus can be seen at the Open Compute EU Summit in Microsoft’s booth B1.

About ZT Systems With over 24 years of experience, ZT Systems is a leading supplier of hyperscale compute and storage solutions. Headquartered in Secaucus, NJ, ZT’s global manufacturing spans the US, EMEA and APAC. A trusted design, manufacturing, and logistics partner, ZT serves data center operators from enterprise organizations to the largest cloud providers. Through close, confidential customer engagement, ZT leverages deep experience with hyperscale workloads and supply chain considerations to develop application-tailored solutions. Flexible, purpose-built manufacturing capabilities enable ZT to sustain high quality while accommodating the dynamic nature of hyperscale. Integrated rack-level solutions are shipped worldwide with an industry-leading delivery SLA, and supported with global service and RMA capabilities. ZT’s commitment to operational excellence is demonstrated by a strong track record of on-time delivery.