Press Release November 13, 2007

Technologies and Standards for Energy-EfficientData Centers

ZT Systems Joins The Green Grid Industry Leaders Foster Technologies and Standards for Energy-Efficient ‘Green’ Data Centers

Secaucus, NJ — November 13, 2007 — ZT Systems, a leading provider of cost-effective, custom server solutions to the data center market, today announced its membership in The Green Grid, a consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and computing ecosystems around the globe. ZT’s membership in The Green Grid represents a commitment to providing highly energy efficient equipment as a part of data center solutions that include customized programs and unbeatable value.

“ZT’s membership in The Green Grid enables us to provide the very best custom solutions to our data center customers, in terms of environmental responsibility as well as overall performance and value,” said ZT’s Bob Anderson, Executive Vice President, Business Development and Strategy. “With the ever-increasing compute density of today’s data center environment and the growing cost of energy, organizations are looking for smart ways to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. ZT Systems servers are designed for the optimal balance of performance and efficiency to empower our customers with cost effective solutions for maximum performance per watt.”

The Green Grid brings together key leaders from critical segments of the data center eco-system to develop a unified voice around data center efficiency issues. The Green Grid takes a broad-reaching approach to data center efficiency focusing on data center “power pillars” that span the gamut of technology, infrastructure and processes present in today’s data center environments. The consortium’s working focus includes research, standards writing, published studies and continuing education.

“The Green Grid is pleased to have ZT Systems join our ranks,” said Larry Vertal, director of The Green Grid. “Participation by leading data center hardware providers is critical to our efforts aimed at advancing energy efficiency in data centers and computing ecosystems. With the increasing importance of power consumption considerations in the data center, we welcome ZT’s contribution as we move forward together to promote the adoption of energy efficient standards, processes, measurements and technologies.”

In addition to hardware featuring advances in energy efficiency, ZT Systems offers specialized programs designed specifically for data center clients, with customized hardware and integration, individualized service and support offerings, and custom, streamlined logistics solutions. Combined with high quality products at unbeatable prices, ZT’s customized programs offer an array of advantages to make management of the data center easier and more efficient.